Covid-19 Working Practices

Whilst working at your home our operator will follow the following procedures to reduce the risk of cross infection of the Covid-19 virus.

Our operators will not shake hands with you when greeted at your home.   This is not because they are being unfriendly or impolite but simply so that they can maintain the 2m social distance recommended by the Government.

Throughout the cleaning process our operator will continue to maintain the appropriate social distancing.

Public Health England do not require our operatives to work with a face covering as this would be both restrictive and make breathing difficult for them whilst carrying out a manual task.

Our operator may need to use your bathroom facilities but he/she will provide their own soap and towel.  The operative may also wash their hands during the process and, in particular, if they change gloves.  Again they will utilise their own equipment.

Please do not offer the operative any food or drink as they will not be able to take it from you without increasing the risk from the viral condition.  Again, they are not being impolite but just following a recommended course of action to prevent the viral spread.

Throughout the cleaning process our operator will wear gloves.  This addition will help prevent transferring the viral condition via “hot spots” such as door handles.

Our operators will also sanitise the door furniture before leaving although you are also recommended to do so too.

Any solid waste produced will be bagged and placed in your outdoor waste receptacle.  Any liquid waste will be disposed over via the nearest drain point.

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