Tiled Floor Cleaning

Professional tiled floor and grout cleaning is essential as the grout gets so discoloured and dirty.

This is because the grouting is porous.

Every time you mop or wet clean your tiled floor, the grouting absorbs the dirty water and discolours it.

By using the bone-dry compound and special brushes on our machine, the dirt on the tiles and grouting is removed and absorbed by the special  sponges.

 This leaves the tiled floor and grout  bright and clean with no sticky residue. If there are any small areas that our machine won’t go into, we will do them by hand ensuring your floor is cleaning to the highest possible standard.

All this is backed up with our no quibble 100% money back Guarantee!

All of our operators are ‘Owner Operators’ that have invested several thousand pounds into their area and business, thus they have a vested interest in providing you with the best care, product and delivery. This is not ‘just a job’ to them, if you don’t pay they personally lose the income, what better guarantee can you have than that?

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