Mattress Cleaning (Sanitisation)

Mattress Sanitisation is becoming a more important part of our service with the continual rise of allergies in this country.

It is over 300 years since dust mites were discovered and it is now widely accepted that dust mites or rather their waste may be the common trigger for allergies in the UK.

Allergy sufferer

They can trigger a whole variety of allergic conditions. The most common is Asthma which can develop at any point in your life. About 85% of Asthma sufferers are allergic to house dust mites. Other related allergy symptoms are red itchy eyes, eczema, sneezing, coughing, Rhinitis etc.

Every home has dust mites no matter how clean your home is and it is almost impossible to be rid of them entirely but we can advise and help you control them.



Dust mites can be found in your carpeting, upholstery and even soft toys, and we can help you with all these things with our cleaning systems, but the largest number of dust mites are normally found in your mattress, in fact millions of them. You spend a lot of time in bed and it is the ideal environment for them. They have food because they eat the skin that has flaked off and it is a warm and moist environment, ideal conditions to thrive.

A six month old mattress may have been slept in for 1500 hours. This is plenty of time for the mite population to grow. Using a domestic vacuum on the mattress is not normally effective as most appliances aren’t powerful enough and quite often dust and allergens can be pushed into the air around you making conditions worse for the allergy sufferer.

All this is backed up with our no quibble 100% money back Guarantee!

All of our operators are ‘Owner Operators’ that have invested several thousand pounds into their area and business, thus they have a vested interest in providing you with the best care, product and delivery. This is not ‘just a job’ to them, if you don’t pay they personally loose the income, what better guarantee can you have than that?

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