Commercial Carpet Cleaning

First Impressions count.

Commercial carpet before cleaning.

Commercial carpet before cleaning.

Your building is an important showcase not just to your customers but to your staff too.  A clean and tidy building demonstrates your commitment to care and to quality.  Imagine walking into the reception of two companies.
The first company has a carpet that has clear traffic lanes and spill marks on the carpet whilst the second is clean and fresh.

A potential customer or even future employee is likely to form an impression straight away that the second company has a greater sense of pride and, therefore, the product or service they provide and their employee care will also follow that maxim.

Commercial carpet after cleaning

Commercial carpet after cleaning

Looking after the work environment is also so important for staff morale.  The floor is probably the largest surface area in the building and, therefore, if it is dirty and stained it will impact on the well being of your staff and users in two ways:

Indoor Air Quality
Research shows that one clean with the Bone-Dry cleaning system reduces Dust Mites held in the carpet by 78%, Dust Mite Allergen by 75%, Cat Allergen by 85% and Mould Spores by 85%.  Our system is a most effective way to remove indoor allergens and protect the indoor air quality.

Berry et al in the late 1990s demonstrated the positive effect a clean environment had on a school’s performance.  Attendance, attitude and attainment were vastly improved from both staff and pupils.  This “sea change” was due to both the reduction of harmful allergens and the improvement of the visual environment.

In order to maintain this positive positioning the researches recognised that more than the just daily restoration was required by al programme of maintenance needed to be designed and introduced.

A must for Dental and Medical Centres.
The Care Quality Commission (CQC) recognises the importance of cleanliness of carpets in health sector premises such as medical centres and dentists.  The document “The National Specification for Cleanliness In the NHS : Guidance on setting and measuring outcomes in primary care medical and dental premises” details that carpets should have a uniform colour without stains or watermarks.
Whilst daily vacuuming of the carpet will help maintain the floor covering it will not be sufficient to restore or remove stains.  The national specification recommends that floors are properly cleansed on a 6 monthly basis or before if significantly stained.

There are, however, financial benefits too!

The bone-dry commercial carpet cleaning maintenance plan makes financial sense.

We all recognise that to get the best out of our car, central heating boiler or computer system we need to regularly maintain the product.  Yet one of the largest investments any organisations make in pure financial terms is on floor covering but all this generally receives is a quick vacuum with an ineffective tub or upright vacuum.  This kind of vacuum will leave 85% of the dirt behind.  The wise companies who respect the value of their investment and want to maintain the well-being of their staff, agree a carpet care cleaning plan with Bone-Dry.
This is how it works:

A local Bone-Dry technician will visit your premises, at a time convenient to you, and discuss and analyse with you the footfall flow, the spillage hotspots, the level and type of soiling and any draught mark points.

Very quickly the technician will be able to ascertain which areas would benefit from protection, deep vacuuming and/or dry cleaning.  It is often the case that much of the soiling in the building is dry soiling but “ordinary” tub or upright vacuums used by the commercial contract cleaners are simply not sufficient to remove it.

It is likely that some areas will only need treating occasionally whilst key “traffic” routes around the building may need more frequent attention.

If stains or other soiling needs to be removed our technician will conduct a test whilst on site and inform you, in the report, the likelihood of removal.  It should be said that not all stains can be removed as some may have permanently re-coloured the fibres of the fabric. If this is the case the technician will detail this in his report.

At the end of the survey the technician will prepare a detailed report outlining a programme of maintenance for each area of the building.  This will include the level and type of action that will be taken.  The plan will also include a contract and the costs broken down into monthly payments to allow your cash flow to be managed more effectively.  There will be no financial peaks and troughs.

Remember that unlike extraction and bonnet cleaning our method of floor care does not leave behind any sticky detergent or chemicals which will quickly attract more dirt residue.  Our DRY CLEANING system also means that the area will be IMMEDIATELY READY FOR USE as soon as the task is complete, NO DRYING TIME ALSO MEANS NO RISK OF A SLIP ON A WET FLOOR.

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What can I say but excellent. (I) Have already recommended them to several people.  Great people, great work and above all great results. Clean dry carpets that have a new look all over again which means we have saved thousands of pounds by not having to buy new carpets this year.

Sheila MacFarlane. Facilities Manager for Rushmoor Borough Council